MediaSolv offers the only HD body-worn camera solution on the market. Our body-worn camera serves as additional eyes and ears of the police officer in the field and captures the action clearly and concisely with HD (1080P) video. No more need for a frame-by-frame comparison to try to distinguish a suspect, images clearly display details that help you make quick identifications. GPS mapping integration enables you to track the precise location of the incident so you can prove where you were and at what time, in case you ever need to provide proof.

  • High-definition (1080P) Video

    Our body-worn camera provides broadcast quality video recording for the highest quality images that help you quickly distinguish faces and distinguishing characteristics that will help you identify, capture, and convict criminals.

    • One-touch recording
    • 120° built-in wide angle lens
    • Built-in GPS records time, date, and GPS coordinates
    • Integrated point-and-shoot camera
    • Discreet photo capabilities
  • 2-Way Radio Integration (Optional)

    No need to carry additional devices, just replace your speaker mic with your body-worn camera. The body-worn camera does not use battery power from your radio and the speaker mic will still function even if the body-worn camera runs out of power or is turned off. Radio cables are available to interconnect the body-worn camera to your existing radio unit. There is no radio required as our body-worn camera can be used as a standalone unit or a car DVR.

    • Battery power is independent from speaker mic
    • Covert ear-piece available for discreet monitoring
  • Wide Angle Lens

    Other manufacturers wide-angle lenses leave a lot to the imagination. In law enforcement, law enforcement just won’t cut it. You need evidence. Our 120 degree wide-angle lens allows you to see more of the action so you can accurately capture what happens.

    • 120° built-in wide angle lens
    • Excellent field-of-view allows you to capture more action
  • Night Vision Mode

    MediaSolv’s Body-worn Camera can be switched to Night Vision Mode for low light and nighttime situations. The camera has infrared LEDs that allow the system to see 15 feet in complete darkness. Night vision mode can be toggled on or off easily during either video or camera mode.

    • Low-light capabilities
    • Night vision capabilities
    • See 15 feet in complete darkness
    • Activate low-light or night vision in video or camera mode
  • Built-in GPS  & GPS Mapping

    GPS is built into the camera so the exact location of the video or photograph is always known. The GPS stamps the longitude and latitude coordinates onto every video and photo file, frame-by-frame, and picture-by-picture. When watching a video, you’ll see an interactive map with the marker moving on the map as the video plays. This allows you to see the exact route taken by the officer.

    • Regular or Satellite view (in-orbit satellite)
    • Quickly re-trace the officers steps during an incident
  • Point & Shoot Camera Capabilities

    With an 8 Megapixel Digital Camera, integrated GPS capabilities, and 32GB of memory, there’s the potential for thousands of photos to be captured and stored.

    • 8 Megapixel Digital Camera
    • Integrated GPS
    • 32GB Memory
    • One-touch Night Vision activation
    • 8X Digital Zoom
    • Discreet Photo Capture
    • Video and Camera can operate simultaneously
  • 32GB Storage Capability

    MediaSolv’s Body-worn camera has 32GB of on board memory for recording lots of incidents, including:

    • 17 hours of HD quality video
    • 20, 000 photos
    • 500 hours of audio recordings
  • Audio Voice Recorder

    Over 500 hours of audio recordings can be stored on the HD Body-worn camera. For instances when video recording is not needed, when victims are camera shy, or for recording victims or witness statements. It’s so easy to use, you just detatch the unit, switch to Voice Recorder Mode and hold the device like a microphone in front of the person talking.
    • Over 500 hours of audio recording storage capability
    • Easy to use in the field
    • One device for video, photos, and audio!
  • Quick Transfer of Information

    There are two ways you can transfer video or photos from the HD Body-worn Camera. You can download via a computer connection, or wirelessly transfer from the vehicle.